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The Safest and Most Ecological Method to Sanitise. Used by Red Cross, Italian Parliament, Police Force, Medical facilities, Military, Automotive and many other companies


Our Products.

Sanity System devices purify air and water using exclusively ozone, without employing chemical detergents.
Sany CAR
Sany MED 80

Why Sanitise with ozone?

Easy, quick, 100% eco-friendly disinfection respecting nature and man.

Among every disinfectants, ozone is the most effective natural agent against bacteria, viruses and bad smells. Its disinfecting power is higher even than chlorine and it’s most effective than the traditional and widespread chemical cleansers.

It neutralizes bacteria
and viruses

It removes more than 99% of bacteria, germs, viruses, yeasts, moulds, fungus, spores, pollen and dust mites.

Removes bad

It removes the unpleasant odours of smoking, mold, cooking, perspiration and animal fur.

Repels infesting

It repels flies, mosquitos, fleas, bedbugs, cockroaches, ants and little rodents.

Ecological and

It disinfects without necessity of refills, additives or chemical detergents. It doesn’t release toxic residues in environment.


It penetrates in depth and reaches the most hidden points where bacteria and allergens settle.


It sanitises without damaging fabric, pieces of furniture, and equipment It is not flammable and it doesn’t cause irritation to skin.



Vanguard solutions to purify inner air and to disinfect water.

In every closed place Sanity System devices improve the quality of indoor air and increase healthiness and stay comfort. Air purification against allergens and the use of ozonized water improve the level of hygiene of every working environment and make microbiologically safe each structure with a recreational, social, commercial and health function.

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Our Values.

We strive for excellence and embody professionalism and good ethics.

Our ozone generators
are recognised in the market as a “Safe System”, by being a device capturing the remaining ozone gas at the end of the treatment and converting it back oxygen

Care to the environment

Our systems safeguard the environment, because it doesn't release any toxic residuals into the air. They are also ecological because they don’t use chemical detergents


Day after day, we study how to improve our products and how to strengthen our services with the aim to always offer you the best


All our machines are calibrated to produces just the right quantity of ozone for the application not to harm people or damage objects, ensuring safety of your staff and your clients.

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about us.

We like clean, but we love sanitised. Our team is devoted to bringing you the best technological systems that aid in sanitising environments without resorting to harsh chemicals. We believe that if you understood the pros of naturally clean, safe and eco friendly solutions to sanitisation, you’d see all the cons to poisonous chemicals and cleaners.

We believe that there is no better teacher than mother nature and so we look towards naturally occurring, renewable sources for aiding in protecting you and your loved once.



A few of the brands currently partnering on our Sanity System solutions.

Certificates and Studies.

When you use a device for the sanitising of air and water it’s always important to check its effective ability to remove microorganisms and invisible particles at naked eye. The effectiveness of our ozone generators was certified by some Universities and independent Research Authorities both for the sanitising of air than the hygienizing of water.
Study on the effectiveness of the microbial destruction of our SANY WATER PLUS generator.

The study realised by the accredited laboratory Chemical analysis Centre of Padova assessed the ability of our SANY WATER PLUS ozone generator to destroy and remove more than 99,98% of the main contaminating microorganism in water (particularly Escherichia coli, Staphylococcus aureus, Candida albicans).

Study on the effectiveness of the microbial destruction of SANY WATER PLUS in the air.

The Department of animal Medicines, productions and health of Università degli Studi di Padova assessed the effectiveness of the treatment of air sanitizing made by our SANY WATER PLUS ozone in environments contaminated by microorganisms provided with particular features of resistance and pathogenicity (Enterococcus faecium, Enterobacter cloacae, Escherichia coli). 

ISO 9001 Certification.​

It certifies the respect of the qualitative internationally established standards of the productive process. Moreover it certifies our ability to satisfy the clients’ expectations and to keep and improve in time the products’ and services’ quality on the market.

Registration to CONAI – Consorzio Nazionale Imballaggi (National Consortium Packaging)

As a company using packaging, we adhere to this consortium arisen for the prevention, the restoration and recycling of the main packaging materials such as steel, aluminum, paper, wood, plastic and glass. Thanks to the contribution of companies such as ours, CONAI participates as support of the activities of differentiated refuse collection and of packaging refuses recycling.

Subscription to the AEE Register (Register of the producers of electrical and electronic devices).

It qualifies us as an Italian company producing ozone generators. The subscription to the Register refers our commitment for the respect of nature. In order to obtain it, it is necessary the registration to a designated consortium for the no more functioning devices removal.

Compliance to the Law D.Lgs. 81/2008.

All our ozone generators are entirely built in Italy and respect the regulations contained in the D.Lgs. 81/2008, Unique Text in the subject of health and safety protection in the working places.

CE trademark.

It states the compliance of our ozone generators to the essential requirements expected by the European legislation in the safety, public health and customer defense areas (Direttiva n. 89/392/CEE e s.m.i., Directive n. 89/336/CEE e s.m.i. and Directive n. 72/23/CEE e s.m.i.). Our devices, most of them with power less than 50 volt, aren’t submitted to those rules, but we have equally chosen to submit them in order to protect health and safety of our clients. CE marking present on our products is placed by virtue of a certification released by an Independent Laboratory and supported by a technical manual made of more than 500 pages.


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